Late last August I had an amazing day. I was asked to photograph these two phenomenal people–Dana, my cousin and a forever best friend, and Shawn, her future husband and our newest "see you at every Christmas holiday party," family member. 

But let me stop for a moment and tell you a little bit about this couple: There is an incomparable oneness to Dana and Shawn. They have the kind of love you find at the cinema–a connection that leaves you holding on to the indescribable emotion that explodes into your heart and leaves you full; it's when you're sitting there, watching the film and wishing for more–more for the characters or more for yourself. It doesn't matter, you just wish for more because you know how it will all play out.

Being around Dana and Shawn is a lot like that: you know that what you're seeing is real and true–that these two people who, in any lifetime, in any place or any situation, are simply meant to be. This is a truth that is easy to spot but hard to discover out there in the great big world. Yet, Dana and Shawn have that (effortlessly to boot!).

Anyway, during the shoot, a thought came to me: I knew these two had been married in another life and all of this here, now was somehow a sequel to a love story that will go on and on for them. And how lucky was I to be a witness to that? In more ways than one, but we'll get to that a little bit later in this post (hint: Clever Girl Bridesmaid)!

So call me a hopeless romantic, call me bias because I genuinely love these humans–call me anything you'd like. But I know I'm not wrong about them. 

For now, here's a few frames from their engagement session, photographed at Congress Hall in Cape May, NJ, on August 26, 2014. 


Now that you've seen a few selections from their engagement session... I think it only fair to showcase a few from their recent wedding!

Dana and Shawn became Mr & Mrs Park on July 11, 2015. Since I was a bridesmaid in the wedding and didn't have (or give myself) time to snap snap snap the night away (I was having way too much fun!), I did manage to sneak in a few memorable goodies that should live here, on the new blog!

Enjoy, I know I did!

Congratulations again, Dana & Shawn! Your wedding was one of my most favorite days; it was, like you guys, effortlessly wonderful and I reveled in every second of the day! I wish you all the love, health, happiness and adventure the universe has to offer! <3