How do you write about a feeling? Do you start with the basics – elation, happiness, accomplishment, or do you go right for the sleeve and strike from the heart? Do you says things like, "this might have been one of the best experiences as a professional photographer EVAR?" or is that too much? Do you write about how the connections we make with people matter, regardless of how we meet them? 

Do I admit how much this is the feeling I've been seeking all these years as an artist, and that it rode in on the heels of a perfect storm I finally weathered; with a burst of self-confidence and two people who brought me into their lives for that November day, and then one other come May, I was able to watch real, true magic manifest before my eyes. 

Like a breath of crisp, delicious air after being submerged for far too long, it was the beauty of that moment, the one when your eyes see something and appreciate it then and there. Not mentally caught up striving for better or best, or second guessing decisions or the final outcome and WILL MY PHOTOS BE LIKED?!

I silenced those fears every time my shutter opened and closed because they had no place that day. But I can't take credit for this glimmer of enlightenment, because that's what this was.

No, it belongs to Nogah & Dheron. Thank you thank you thank you, for being that beautiful couple, to each other and to me, and for trusting me with a little piece of your made memories. My artist-heart is full and I lovingly place all the blame on you both. ;) 

Cannot wait for May. #forthewinfields