How do you write about a family that has trusted you with their memories for the last couple of years? How can you put into words how grateful and wanted it feels to have the same people return to you every 6 months? How is it that despite the vast sea of photographers available to them at a moment's notice, I'm the one they seek out? 

From infant sessions to Spring and Fall portraits, from playgrounds to lakes and even inside of their home, I have been chosen time and again by Ish and her husband Eric to capture an hour or so of what their family life is like. Every session is chock-full of candids and a few "posed" images but every single time we get together, there's this perfect mix of comfort and professionalism; Ish understands how I operate and I understand what works or doesn't work when it's time to get the shots that make them do the parent "awe!" 

And there's genuine friendship there now – I wonder how they are in between the months that I don't get to see them, and look forward to checking out just how big and grown the boys have gotten when we do. And Ish and Eric are great for my introvert/nervous personality type as well – they're easy-going and down to earth and real. They don't hide any measure of authenticity from my camera, and I adore that.

I even love it when Milo or Luka shies away from my lens, because I know eventually they'll forget that I'm there and do those amazing little kid things that kids do that are my favorite to capture. I don't mind if they get upset or need breaks here and there – I understand that everyday life doesn't include some random girl with a square brick in front of her face following them around!

The sessions and time spent together is fun, completely, and always different. I never know what to expect and never go into it thinking I'll nail it like the last time. Because I want to work at it, always, and give my best and never let complacency and familiarity ruin a really, really good thing. Because I'm grateful (I mentioned that earlier, but dammit, I am!) and happy to be a part of their lives for such a flicker of a moment, twice a year. 

So, thank you Ishbara, Eric, Milo & Luka. Thank you always. 

Here is their latest session, from Autumn 2016.