Yay! Part II! If you've not yet read Part I, please hop over for a visit there now, otherwise you'll be a little "whaat?" with this blog. 

So, where do we go from Step 1: Preliminary Questions & Step 2: Timelines. Well, naturally to the post-post-op! You've had your wedding, everything was brilliant, your photographs have been delivered, your products in hand and you're two very happy newlywed campers! *celebration gif here* 

Now, for all intents and purposes, everything is completed and done – you've paid you photographer, you've had those lengthy, insightful chats mentioned in the previous blog, the wedding event {of the year!} was a roaring success and you're both over the moon with the final results. But there are still a few odds and ends left, and that's what we'll tackle now! 

Step 3: Social Media & Copyrights

Where can we post our photographs?

Do we need to credit/tag our photographer when posting to social media? 

Copyrights are no fun – can you tell us what we can/can't do?

Let's dive right in!

  • Where – Anywhere! Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram, Yelp, Personal blogs, Personal websites, etc. As long as you're not using the images for monetary gain, you'll never run into trouble with copyright issues and contracts! (This is nearly unanimous, too, not merely my own operations!)
  • Credit/Tag – Typically, yes. As much as you can anyways. I usually won't kick up a stink if I see a couple of mine not tag me in a post here and there, but if I see the entire album posted on several sites with no link back to either my website or Facebook page, I get twitchy email fingers and will definitely reach out. I keep it pleasant though, because sometimes people simply don't think! They're too excited to show everyone and bam, photographer is not on the brain. 

(Here goes a loooong answer...)

  • Copyrights – Before signing the dotted line with your photographer, or any professional service really, you should most definitely read the contract from front to back. There are important details there that one might not think of in terms of wedding event coverage, but there's also the breakdown of ownership that's extremely helpful. As in, what you "own" versus what the photographer "owns." 
  • Who Owns What? – I'll say it right off the bat – almost every photographer owns the sole rights to their images, myself included. BUT that doesn't mean you're unable to print or purchase products from third parties unaffiliated with your photo person. What this means: when I shoot weddings/portraits, etc., I own the complete rights to everything. This allows me to blog, create content, advertise or monetize anything I shoot from now until the end of time, in so many words. 
  • Rights & Sharing – With that said, every contract I offer out for weddings, etc., I expressly allow people to share their images on platforms they're most comfortable with, as well as print from the company they're loyal to. Of course, they can print their events directly through me, but sometimes, people have a certain photo printer they prefer above anyone else's, and I completely understand! 
  • In A Nutshell – ownership typically always resides with the photographer, unless you offer a huge (& I mean huge) financial payout. In essence, you would buy the rights to your images for a hefty price, which then allows you to do what you will with your own images. The photographer would no longer be able to use any content from said wedding and that would be that. 
  • Payouts?! – You might be wondering: why a huge hefty payout? Well, it's simple really: once those images are bought-out by the customer (and this is very rare, mind you) the photographer is left one wedding short in their showcased catalog. So that content could never again be used to pitch to potential customers, and thus, a loss of income is imminent. Artists make up for that potential loss by, you guessed it, charging astronomical rates when selling the rights. 
  • Closing Arguments – I'm in complete agreement with that last bit, though I won't share my personal price because I don't need any 👀  directed my way! Trust me, it's high. In the end, the contracts I've spent hours creating are put together and done from a mutually beneficial place; I decide what's best for me on my end of the spectrum while simultaneously offering the best for you from your side. Because yes, I am the service provider but I'm also a human being, too. Eventually A & I will get married (we're so bad at the whole planning thing) and I'll need to sign a contract with the full comprehension that I won't own those photos. Someone else will. And that's okay! 

And there you have it, folks! Part II of An Insider's Guide to Wedding Photography! 

What did you think? Did I bore you to tears with all the semi-legal chatting? Or did you find this small two-part series helpful? Be sure to like, comment and share this post if you did! 

'Til next time!

The photo on the left is of Dane & Shawn ...remember them?! They're the best.

The photo on the right is my cousins and I! More precisely: Dane, Me & Becca (hands up in the background!). I have little eye and I'm way too pale, but weddings are fun. & I felt everyone deserved a light little behind the scenes pic after that stuffy stuff above!