I'm going back to the beginning of 2014 for this beautiful engagement session, where I spent a late afternoon with two of the sweetest – and funniest – people, Cindy & Jay. A brief history: I've known Cindy since I was in grade school and long long long ago were besties, like, thick-as-thieves besties! And though time has taken us away from that level of bffitude™, it hasn't diminished my affections for her as person, or as a friend. She's my buddy for as long as I'm here and that's that. 

And we're lucky – her and I have that "pick right up where you left off," friendship thing, which is just magical to me. I've never told her this but that's one of the best parts of having someone like Cindy in my life: that we can go an entire year without speaking and jump right back into a conversation we started ages ago. It feels like going home, or entering an unfamiliar, unusual place with someone you'd trust your life with (literally & figuratively – Cindy's a nurse! 😉). Because life is unfamiliar and unusual at times. And all I'm saying is, thank God for the Cindy's in this world. 

Enough gushing though – Cindy & Jay – this session, these photos – I adore them today as much as I did then, and taking them was, truly, an honor. You get to see sides of people, people you've known forever but not ever in this way. See, people in love and sharing that for you is different than people hanging out on your couch or going to the movies with. There's something extraordinary about those moments, like glimpsing bits of one soul connecting to another's, and this day was that for me. 

It was togetherness and love, passion and happiness.

I'm pretty sure you'll fall in love with these photos, just as I did...