In December of 2015, for one whole week, my family and I traveled to Disney World. We spent seven glorious days together in the Happiest Place on Earth and it was just of the happiest week of that year. We stayed at the beautiful, and magnificently decorated, Animal Kingdom Lodge with a room not three doors away from my sister, brother-in-law and niece, and it was nothing short of a treat. It was comfortable, luxurious, and I will easily admit that the staff, food and accommodations were exemplary. I would stay there every single time, if I had my way, but alas, Andrew enjoys the idea of trying out the various other [monorail accessible] resorts, so for now, my memories will have to do! 

Well, memories and these photographs, of course.

So, here's my impossibly late Disney World at Christmastime blog, featuring a lot of photos from every bit of our stay. And some bits I didn't photograph because I wanted them to live on inside of my head versus online. I'm sure you understand. 

We're headed back that way in April and then again in December of 2017, so this will not be the last of Disney you'll get to see from me!

Enjoy! x