In 2015, I did my first ever senior session with a former work colleague and friend of mine, Erica. I had known her for well over half a year by that point and one day during general work-chats, she threw a brand new opportunity my way. Whenever this happens, a feeling arises that I can't accurately put into proper words. It's true – when the inevitable "this is my first time shooting X type of session, but I'll nail it, don't worry," conversation comes up, it always frightens me, because I don't lie about my experience as a photographer. I hate when I hear horror stories of people who have had that happen and I'd never sink so low as to pretend to be proficient at something I've never done. It's scamming someone and abusing their trust – and in a nutshell, that's not me.

Anyway, the conversation: on one hand I know I will do my very best in any new situation but on the other, the potential for my nerves to get the better of me depending on my headspace that day could be ...ify

'Headspace,' you might be asking? Well, there's a blog for another day, but it's one that will be brutally honest, telling my journey as a once extrovert-turned-introvert and the regular struggles I face with anxiety; how it affects my performance as an image capture artist and how I've dealt with the ups and downs of success-not-really-success because of these factors. 

But enough about that for now. 

Erica signed me on and put her faith in me and the shoot turned out to be, surprising no one, an amazing experience. I learned tons about working one on one with someone, with unhindered freedom to move and pose and direct, all while galavanting around a beautiful state park. It's still one of my favorite shoots and though I haven't seen or spoken to Erica in over a year now, I still want to throw a little (lot) of love her way for taking a chance on me. So, Thank you, girl! The first is always the scariest, but I think we both nailed it that day, huh? ;)

The last few shots are of Erica and her no-longer-guy (ie., they broke up!), but I felt they were a nice throw-in to finish the session out and wanted to put them up for memories sake. 

Here's a small boatload (*zing) of moody, Fall shots from that day...