On September 26th, 2015, at the Spring Mill Country Club, I watched my cousin marry her very best friend; on a fine Saturday afternoon, Erika & Daniel became Mr & Mrs Gwynn. It was a serene day – from sunny, temperate weather that brought fluffy clouds and the right amount of sunshine, to the relaxed, chill vibes in the bridal suite, it was what one might call 'a very good day.' 

This blog was tough though: I spent nearly fifteen hours shooting everything I possibly could and with so many photos between my second shooter and I, it was incredibly challenging to cut down the image gallery in this post! I felt it best to limit myself, as anything close to what was shot might be a tad overwhelming ;). 

9/26/15 was a beautiful day for Erika & Dan and I was proud to be a part of it, to witness it all as it played out; it's always a fun to relive a wedding through the photographs and recall every quirky, unique part to it, I think. From remembering the conversations when setting up shots versus the silent moments where no one spoke or needed to, or even to when I was pulled onto the dance floor, all while shooting still mind you, to dance with a few of my other cousins who were in attendance. It's a great feeling, that is.

And that's the wonderful thing about working for family – you're there with them, versus an unseen entity who was hired to stalk around and snap thousands of photos. I mean, I love that for a whole other set of reasons (mwahah), but I think we all can agree that whenever family is involved, it's always as if you're home, isn't it? 

From start to finish, Daniel & Erika's day was, in a word: happysigh – there were handmade aesthetics, beautiful natural lighting, evocative music, and just like their engagement session, the most perfect breeze. 

It was one of my most memorable days as a wedding photographer and I'm so happy to finally share this day, here on the blog. 



Venue: Spring Mill Country Club 

DJ: Unbreakable Entertainment

Makeup/Hair Stylist: Karen Vasquez