It's no accident that this blog is going live today. You see, I wanted to revisit this Autumn day for a very special reason: Erika & Daniel are set to have their daughter in a just a short couple of weeks, which is just about the most exciting thing to see happen to people and members of your family! So I'm sending healthy, positive vibes their way and of course, all the congratulations! And sleep. Always send sleep to new parents.

Anyway, as the march of time has walked on, the three of us have lost touch with one another for the most part...but this day. The beauty of this day (& their wedding, which will be debuting here soon as well!) deserved a nice, shiny update!

The three of us met on November 2, 2014(!) and spent nearly two full hours wandering Tyler; diving in and out of cozy forest hideaways, sneaking around and discovering broken down rock walls and dilapidated structures long ago was an adventurous evening to say the least. Erika & Daniel brought their A game for each and every shot, had fun with one another, sharing intimate moments that I caught and captured from afar and to this day, regardless of circumstance or however much time passes, it's still one of my favorites as both a photographer and as a person.

The sunset was lush and warm, despite the mounting chill from the Autumn air; there was plaid and converse and an umbrella we may or may not have fake-put-water-droplets-on. There was also companionship, friendship and love and the most perfect, complimentary breeze swirling around every moment.

I think you'll see that and more in the photographs below, just as I saw it in real time.