On October 18, 2014, at a quiet, picturesque campsite, I watched Jill & Brian promise the rest of their lives to one another. They were surrounded by their loved ones, swaying trees, crunchy fallen leaves and one laughably loud airplane that disturbed the ceremony for less than a minute as it flew overhead. The pesky metal bird drew smiles while simultaneously etching its way into my memory as a buffer – a breaker of nerves for me, a reminder that while my job is serious, I love a bit of fun and spontaneity, too, so thanks airplane! You kept it real for me. 

I digress.

That day was a rather temperate day, with everyone feeling quite content in their light blazers or stylish shawls; there was little to no mud or muck, despite the fact that it was located on an honest-to-God campground. The food was deliriously delicious (all provided by food truck companies I will link below!) and their cake was a giant donut. I'll say that again: their wedding cake was a large drool-worthy, rainbow sprinkle-covered, chocolate-frosted donut. To this day I often wonder if they saved the leftovers in their freezer for anniversary #1 – perhaps I shall get around to asking them one day! ;) 

It really was no surprise that 10/18/2014 was incomparably wonderful; there was an abundance of happy, familiar faces (I've worked with Jill, Brian and a handful of their guests more than a few times!), decor that made my Nikon and I swoon with the joy only fellow photographers can understand and an atmosphere full up with so much heart-bursting love that I found myself wiping a few flecks of dust from my totally-not-crying eyes.

It was Day 1 for Jill & Brian Lim, and I'm still so incredibly grateful to have received that "Yes–You're our photographer!" email some three + odd years ago. FYI: That feeling never gets over and I'll never take it for granted. 

For now, here's their day, through my eyes.



Ceremony/Reception location:

College Settlement Campsite 

Food Trucks: 

Wedding Cake (ie. Epic Donut):

Yum Yum Bakery