I spent one of the best evenings of my career at Marsh Creek Lake with Martha & Daniel. & I know, it must seem like I say that a lot or in every one of my blog posts, but here's a thing: it's true! Every session is different, but every time I get to enjoy an hour or two with a new couple, I end up walking away with two new friends. 

Yes, I also know that sounds like a walking, talking cliche, but like the above, it's true. I make a point to get closer to the people I work with because it allows for an emotional give and take. I cut the tension and nerves using ridiculous jokes and genuine empathy because I know how awkward getting your photograph taken can be! It's an unusual experience for most of us (I don't exactly have Hugh Jackman or Lady Gaga lined up on my schedule 😜  not that I'd say no...) and something I know a bit about. 

And for Martha & Daniel, it was that – an hour and a half of laughs and complete and total comfort. They trusted me from the get-go, and not because I knew Martha beforehand from previous employment either. It felt like we'd done this a hundred times prior to then and seriously people, that's one of my most favorite feelings as a photographer. Outside of nailing the shot and doing a sneaky little dance in my head post-chimping... but shhh, I didn't tell you that.

The other thing that I loved about this session, and engagement shoots in general, is that it's a dry run for the real thing. As in, you'll get to see how I work  and process my surroundings and your needs/wants AND I also get to "feel you out" – which gives me a solid picture of what it'll be like come the Big Day! That's why I always push to book these kinds of sessions with my couples and why I'm almost always 95% more confident about what you want come the day-of your wedding. 

In closing, I loved working with Martha & Daniel and their engagement was one for the books; with a killer sunset full of colors to make your eyes sweat, a snuggly red blanket they used better than I could have ever directed and so many "squeeze!" shouts from me over and over again, it was a beautiful, beautiful night. 

Here's how it went...