You read that right – Clever Girl's FIRST EVER engagement session is now on the blog! From 2011, if memory serves me correctly. And yes, I could check the metadata and confirm but really, it's from a long long while ago and that's what I'm going for here. ;) A little blogger nostalgia if you will appease me for the moment! 

So, yes...Mike & Erin's engagement session was the one that broke the seal into that particular section of wedding photography! I had done a couple of weddings by that point, but oddly hadn't booked any engagements – I've since made a point to change that, and now find that it's one of my most favorite parts as a photographer. 

It's just me and them and our chosen location and I adore it. Adored it from the very get-go, too. Mike & Erin came ready to have a good time and it was all of that and more. They brought their two adorable pups and the adventure began promptly on time (after getting lost – this is why I always leave wiggle room before any gig! A pro-tip you'll read more on in another blog!). 

They ran through the tall weeds, smooched each other and their furry bffs, while I had the best hour and a half in the sunshine capturing it. Now, I've learned a ton of things since this shoot, and the photos, while lovely with an honest "job well done" vibe, I'd love to revisit this day and see what sort of magic we three could make 6 years on! Perhaps they'd be up for it? ;) 

Either way, I loved revisiting this session and seeing how far I've progressed. On that note, I want to ask my fellow photographers out there: do you enjoy going through older catalogs and critiquing yourself? Or do you leave them exactly where they are? I'd love to hear your thoughts! 

Onto those photos... 


Location: Tyler State Park