I know, I know! You should never post anything less than your best work on your blog, but I couldn't help myself – I like to show the old with the new, and how far I've come since starting my journey as a wedding photographer. 

Now, I'm not suggesting these photos are bad or even less-than the work I produce nowadays, but they were taken at a point where my experience was next to nil and I was easily influenced by wedding guests versus my own sense of leadership. 

Allow me to explain: When I first began shooting weddings, I was a nervous wreck. I knew I had the technicalities and camera know-how mastered but dealing with a large group of people? Clueless. And my first wedding was disastrous when it came to that; I had members of the wedding party asking me to take formals with their cameras and cell phones (some I even said yes to – ugh – until my second shooter put a stop to that right quick!). Then there were the exasperated looks and laughably-loud sighs whenever I didn't speak loudly enough or my ideas for posing were either too typical or atypical. It just wasn't good enough – but then again, they all knew it was my first wedding, and I believe that played heavily into how they treated me. 

I don't blame them in the end, but I don't blame myself either. I see it now as a learning experience and nothing more. I got through almost every single fear of what it takes to be a wedding photographer that day and then some; with this type of business, you have to learn under pressure and high stakes, otherwise you might end up learning not a thing at all. 

But this blog is about the wedding that came after that first monumental bout of on site education. The second wedding and the rush job of all rush jobs. You see, I was asked to fill in for a photographer who had to cancel last minute due to a family emergency. I was paid next to nothing and shot for a grand total of 4 hours, but Alexia and John were lovely people, the venue was adorably quaint and the grounds were gorgeous. What more could I have asked for? 

So, I ask that you don't judge me too harshly when you see the photos, just look on at a baby Clever Girl learning the ropes and getting a feel for how to not be bullied while on the job (I refused any camera or cell phone request, and still do today at weddings!). We all have to start somewhere, right?